Friday, 21 September 2012

The Buddha prophesied Jesus

With people being forced to convert to Buddhism in some areas of Burma, the solution is a simple one.  The Buddha prophesied that Jesus(pbuh) would come and the sign would be that they would say some very similar things, resulting in books about the parallel sayings of the Buddha and Jesus.

That was done so that Buddhists could later be referred to the Bible and what Jesus would show people.  What is more, since Jesus is to return and complete what he was doing, Buddhists are referred to what he said in the past and to what he will say when he returns.

Most Buddhists do not know that the Buddha prophesied Jesus, or that the Buddha believed in God, heaven, hell, sin and the devil.  The way to show them is to get the texts of what the Buddha said and politely and respectfully ask them to consider what he said.

You can find specific Buddhist reference points in the following book.

Jesus & Buddha, the Parallel Sayings, ISBN 978-1-84483-770-0

The prophecies of Jesus include Digha Nikaya 26:25 on Page 97.  Sutta Nipata 693 on  Page 152 is also relevant.  Digha Nikaya 14:1:17 on Page 132 is also very useful.  Udanavarga 22:4 is as good as a prophecy when you know what is revealed at

To assist in understanding why the references in that book are directly relevant the following information is added.
Udanavarga 22:4 (page 32) As a man with eyes who carries a lamp sees all objects, so too with one who has heard the Moral Law. He will become perfectly wise. Note: The idea of having a light to see was referred to by Jesus more than once, including the Parable of the Candlestick at Matthew 5:14-16, in which he told those listening to let other people see the wisdom in the words as well. The same message can also be seen at Mark 4:21, Luke 8:16 and Luke 11:33. Prophecy said that the Law would be expanded, magnified, at Isaiah 42:21* to allow people to see the other things that it said and Jesus(pbuh) began doing that. To see examples click here.
Digha Nikaya (page 132) 14:1:17 When a Bodhisattva descends from heaven, there appears in this world an immeasurable, splendid light surpassing the glory of the most powerful glow. And whatever dark places lie beyond the world’s end will be illuminated by this light. Note: Jesus(pbuh) referred to himself as the light of the world at John 8:12 and having given people the light, he said that those around him were then the light of the world at Matthew 5:14-18. Light referred to being able to see and perceive the other wisdom in the words given in accordance with the Adamic Prophecies such as Isaiah 29:18, Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 42:6-7 and Isaiah 9:2 (which was written in the past tense because the Prophet Isaiah(pbuh) had seen it in a vision). 2 Corinthians 4:3, 4, and 6 make it clear that this included the Gospels. Light is also referred to by the Buddha at Udanavarga 22:4.

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